I was looking at the plan and it looks like there are more “wants” than needs. Can’t the district take some of this off?

Please look at the Question: “Last time the district went out for bond the price they were asking for was $33 Million. Why is it $55 Million now?” as it will explain some of the background. Again, this project was designed as a long-term solution rather than quick fix or bandaid measures that end up costing more in the long run. Virtually everything included in the plan was in response to identified problems.

Some of what might be considered “wants” are really rather cost-effective changes with potentially huge benefits to the students and community.

Here’s one example. The weight room at DCHS is critically undersized for the large number of students who now utilize it. This results in risky overcrowding that poses safety concerns. The most cost effective way to expand the weight room is to use space within the existing structure. That led to a creative plan to utilize the existing cafeteria, while space currently taken up by hallways and storage could be easily repurposed into an improved dining space. As a result of more efficiently using the available space, the dining space doubles as a great lobby for sporting activities in the gym and also performances in the auditorium. Far from three or four “unnecessary” changes, they all fit together as a cost effective way to maximize existing resources and solve an important problem.

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