Why are we spending money on the Lincoln School Site when we aren’t going to use it anymore?

The school district cannot abandon a building or simply wait for it to fall down. It has a responsibility to the community and the neighborhood to set the property up so that it is attractive to potential developers who are interested in delivering a facility that is compatible with its neighbors.

Much of the existing building is over 100 years old and all of the building that is slated for demolition was constructed before 1980, meaning that there is asbestos materials in the building. The District has an obligation to our community not to leave an unhealthy abandoned building in one of our neighborhoods.

The obligation the district has at the Lincoln site includes money to abate hazardous materials and demolish the portions of the building that have no value or a negative value. It also includes some money to clean up the entryway and close up the remaining portion of the building after demolition so it is not open to the elements.

The district will look for potential developers who will offer the best value to the district for the property. It is the board’s fiduciary responsibility to garner the best return on its asset with thoughtful consideration of its future, the interests of the neighborhood, and our city. If the property nets a financial benefit to the district, it will help reduce the tax burden on the community. Because there is not an agreement in place, it is impossible to state its value.

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