WMS Announcements for Thursday,  April 4, 2019

  • LUNCH: French toast, potato, polish dog, fruit, and milk  or  Salad Bar

  • REMINDER: Tomorrow is our last coin collection day for Pennies for Patients.  It’s a close race so bring in that change as any home room could still win! So far we have raised $638.25! The top homerooms in order after the first collection date: 1st place- Mrs. Vander Veur $126.11 2nd place- Mrs. Hellman $115.21 & 3rd place - OFFICE staff $62.98. I am very proud of everyone for rallying behind this cause!  All proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help fight blood cancers.

  • The Lower yellowstone ABATE Chapter is sponsoring a Motorcycle Awareness Poster Contest.  All entries should promote a message of awareness for motorcycle riders by other motorists.  A cash-prize of $25.00 will be awarded to a winner from each school. Then two winners will be chosen from all of the school entries and those winners will receive $100.00 and their poster will be published on a billboard.  Please see Mrs. Nissley if you are interested and to pick up an entry form. Posters are due by April 12.

  • Check out the Readbox Book Review Boxes in the stairwells between 1st & 2nd floors.  For a special, limited time, students will be able to use their phones during passing periods to scan the QR codes and read the book reviews that 7th graders wrote!  You may find a book you HAVE to read! No fees to rent them, just head to the library and check the books out!" The readbox displays are here for a limited time, so check them out today.

  • We are taking submissions for the Joke of the Day that I read during the morning announcements.  If you would like your joke to be considered please email it to Mr. Goyette for consideration.

  • This is a reminder to students and staff to remember to nominate others for the TIP Kindness Award.  Anytime you observe a student or staff member doing a kind deed for another, you may write up an award for them.  These are delivered at the end of the month by our TIP members. You may pick them up from the main office or from Mrs. Nissley.
  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: Ms. Truesdell Rm 19
  • Joke of the day: 
  • Where do you put smart hot dogs?….On honor rolls!