WMS Announcements for Tuesday,  May 7, 2019

  • LUNCH: Hot ham-n-cheese, tater tots, fruit, veggie and milk  or Salad Bar

  • Congratulations to the following student for being selected as student of the month for April here at WMS:  6th- Jaelin Jimison, Jake Wade; 7th- Morganne VanDyke, Cayden Ryan; 8th- Megan Frank, Michael Murphy. Please come down to the office after announcements and get your WMS Student of the Month t-shirts and certificates!

  • All of Mr. Cashmore’s classes need to go to the gym today. 6th grade will also go to the gym but do not dress out.

  • There will be a mandatory PARENT meeting for all 7th & 8th graders traveling to Washington DC & NYC on Wednesday, May 8th at 6 PM at WMS in the band/choir room. Please have your parent contact Mrs. Houck if he/she cannot attend.


  • We are taking submissions for the Joke of the Day that I read during the morning announcements.  If you would like your joke to be considered please email it to Mr. Goyette for consideration.

  • READ-Monday & Tuesday:

There will be a student council meeting for 7th and 8th grade members on Wednesday morning at 7:45 in Mrs. Schaaf's room.  We will be finalizing dance arrangements. Be on time.

  • Any 8th grader who is interested in running for Student Council at DCHS must have their completed application in to Mrs. Schaaf by the end of the day on Tuesday.

  • The last day to turn TIP Kindness Awards in will be Friday, May 10th

  • The last day to turn in box tops for this year will be Friday, May 10th.  You may turn them in after this date, but they will go on next year's count.

  • The last day for Peer Tutoring is Friday, May 10th

  • There will be a Big Champ meeting on Thursday, May 9th during 8th grade lunch recess.  Please meet in the activities room.

  • There are still a few girls who have not turned in their permission forms and $2.00 to Mrs Nissley.  Please do so by Wednesday, or it will be be assumed you are not attending the sleepover.

  • The mentor/mentee picnic will be on Tuesday, May 21st.  You will need to bring a sack lunch on this day. Both mentors and mentees will miss their 4th periods.  

  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: Ms. Newton Rm 40
  • Joke of the day:
  • What time is it when the clock strikes 13?  Time to get a new clock (Jaycee)