WMS Announcements for Thursday, November 7, 2019

  • LUNCH: Quesadillas, fruit, veggie, and milk

  • Today is an early out!! We will be running an early out schedule! Please make sure that you remind your parents that parent teacher conferences are tonight from 2-8 pm!

  • Mrs. Lynn is taking a group of students to Chicago for a 5 day tour of various art museums, the navy pier, Six Flags theme park, and other fun things.  

There is a mandatory meeting for parents and students on November 12th at 6pm in the art room. 

  • Attention students! Please make sure that you are turning in your WMS Awesomizer tickets when you get them!! Mrs. Miller keeps track of the tickets for you, so please don’t wait until the end of the year to turn them all in!! We have weekly drawings of all the tickets turned in that week. ALSO! Please make sure that you are filling them out! I get a few tickets turned in that don’t have a student name on them!

  • 6th grade History students!! Please take your ziggurats home! Any left on the lockers after Thursday will be thrown away!!

  • Congratulations to the following students who were elected into these positions of the National Junior Honor Society:


Keisha Ylarde


Abigail Barnick


Ailey Skerritt


Mauri Mickelsen

Sage Sportsman

Conner Torgerson

  • The Book fair will be extended until next Wednesday November 13!!

  • Congratulations to our Selfie of the Week winners! Mrs. Houck & a 7th grade student were selected this week for supporting Red Ribbon Week.  Sefie’s can be taken anywhere during the school day (with staff member permission) and submitted to Mr. Goyette through email. These selfie’s will then be printed out and posted throughout the school with the winning “selfie of the week” being posted on the red bulletin board going up the stairs from the front entrance each week.  The submissions must be turned in by the end of the day on Friday to be considered. Let’s see all of the cool things going on at WMS!!!

  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: None!! Have a great four day weekend!!
  • Joke of the day
  • What did one penny say to the other penny?… Let’s get together and make some (sense) cents!