Celebration of the Completion of VLWC 2021

“It gave me a very warm feeling deep down that my service in Vietnam was not vain. Many servicemen will never have the heartfelt appreciation I got from reading your note,” responded a veteran. Yesterday's day was Veterans Day. A day of such importance in our great country. I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the efforts of the community of Glendive as well as Glendive Public Schools. In partnership with the Veteran Letter Writing Campaign, over 2,000 veterans received letters of appreciation, kindness, and love from letter writers from the ages of 5-76.

1,025 individual veterans were written to across this great nation as well as throughout our world. 1,000 letters were written to individuals in veteran health facilities across the country. We have already received many responses from those who received our letters. As one veteran said, “I can’t tell you how touched I was to receive (your letters). So many times we forget to recognize the sacrifices that our forefathers made to give us the freedoms that we take for granted.” Well said, sir. Well said. 

Thank you to the Glendive community and Glendive Public Schools for their partnership with the Veteran Letter Writing Campaign. We can’t wait till next year, 5th annual campaign. Don’t forget you can always add individuals to our list. It never stops taking names of veterans and those still serving. Click on the link.

With great appreciation

Veteran Letter Writing Campaign and the Forsyth Family