Mr.  Mercado

Hello there! 

My name is Gavin Mercado, I graduated in December from Montana State University, earning a degree in Health Education (K - 12) along with Coaching. 

I am the new 6th - 8th boy’s Health & P.E. Teacher! 

I am originally from the rural area of Seeley Lake, MT. Growing up in a class C town in Western Montana there wasn’t much I wasn’t involved in. Football, basketball, track and field, weightlifting, and I also took advantage of all the town had to offer out of school like hiking, swimming, and taking my BMX bicycle up and down every backroad there was. I am also the oldest of 6 so two of my major strengths are involvement and leadership. I was always the one who orchestrated all the neighborhood 5 v 5 driveway basketball tournaments and the front lawn 5v5 volleyball. Somedays, we would even drag out the old weight set and have weightlifting competitions!  The point is, sports allowed me to progress my own development while supporting my siblings' development, all the while having a blast! 

In today's world, it would seem the fun-filled days of exploration and adventure are under attack and platforms like Tic Tok or Fortnite are winning! From my view, we have fewer kiddos riding bikes, hiking, sledding, etc and the importance of developing & maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be stressed throughout the year. Understanding the social, emotional, psychological importances/attachments/dependencies of technology, I plan on providing the students with the opportunity to measure their behavior; ultimately with the hope that they may set the phone/controller down on a sunny day and go outside!

Furthermore, my classes are all-inclusive as a lifestyle of health and wellness is achievable for all. Can’t shoot a basketball? Let’s solve that. Have a hard time jogging a lap? Let’s make a plan. My P.E. courses will always meet the student where he is and have modifications for student success. I will meet the students where they are, develop a plan, and progress with time will allow the students to set and achieve goals.

I am very excited for the opportunity to not only teach, but to grow as an individual as I learn from the staff and students at Washington Middle School. 

Thank you! Go Demons!