Friday, March 25, 2022

Hello WMS Demon families, 

Thank you for working so hard to get our students to school on time. It is greatly appreciated.

The staff at WMS and those who live in the neighborhood have noticed an increase in unsafe practices when dropping students off by vehicle in front of the building. Please remember the following safety items:

  • Pullover to the side of the road before allowing students out of the vehicle

  • Be sure the vehicle is stopped before students exit

  • If students are being dropped off on the side of the road opposite of the school, please have students walk to the nearest sidewalk to use the crosswalk.

  • Please do not drop off students at intersections or the middle of intersections.

We all care about the safety of our students. Please help us make our car drop-off safe for everyone. WMS will work on a standard student drop-off procedure.

With gratitude, 

Katy Kennedy Principal

Washington Middle School