WMS Announcements for Monday, December 17, 2018

  • LUNCH: French toast, polish dog, veggie & milk or Salad bar   

  • The Peer Mentor lunch/lunch recess get together has been moved from Monday, December 17th to Wednesday, December 19th due to many of our Mentors being gone for Student Council.

  • Girl's Club will be moved from Tuesday, December 18th to Friday, December 21st.

  • Due to the mentor/mentee lunch scheduled on Monday, the book club meeting has been moved to Tuesday Dec. 18!  If you are interested in joining book club, please come during your lunch recess time! Group space is limited, if you can’t make it to the meeting, please see Mrs. Miller to get the information.

  • Students, just a reminder you should not be entering the building before school unless you are dropping off your instrument, going to peer tutoring, or attending the morning ICU room.  When you leave the school you must leave through the front doors to head out to the playground. If you are going to breakfast, you must enter through the lunchroom doors off of the playground.
  • This is a reminder to students and staff to remember to nominate others for the TIP Kindness Award.  Anytime you observe a student or staff member doing a kind deed for another, you may write up an award for them.  These are delivered at the end of the month by our TIP members. You may pick them up from the main office or from Mrs. Nissley.
  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: Pedersen room 35
    Joke of the day:
  • What do you call a blind dinosaur? Do-you-think-he-saur-us. (Anna Hull)