WMS Announcements for Monday, January 7, 2019

  • LUNCH: Chicken Sticks & Fries, fruit  & milk. No Salad bar   

  • CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for being selected out of our applicants for SWAG (Students at Washington MS Action Group):  Emily Netwig, Tayla Undem, Morganne VanDyke, Jaylinn Hutton, MacKenzie Duede, Tyrel Gilbertson, Wayne Zimdars, Maggie Schock, Paige Buchholz, Axton Franks, Saddie Egan, Dylon Hoiland, Sari Murphy, Jonathan Bickford & Tiawna Kinn.  Please check your email for the information about our first meeting.

  • 8th grade book club will meet next Wednesday the 16th for both groups. 6th and 7th grade will still meet this week during lunch recess.

  • There will be tryouts for the academic team on Wednesday, January 9th in Mrs. Zimdars' room starting at 7:30 in the morning for any interested 7th and 8th grade students. If you have any questions, please stop by and ask Mrs. Zimdars.

  • Numerous  clothing items and jewelry  have been found in the school and on the playground.  If you are missing anything check the box by the gym doors or contact the office and describe what you are missing to identify.

  • There will be a student council meeting for 7th and 8th graders ONLY on Friday morning at 7:45 in Mrs. Schaaf's room.  Be on time. 

  • This is a reminder to students and staff to remember to nominate others for the TIP Kindness Award.  Anytime you observe a student or staff member doing a kind deed for another, you may write up an award for them.  These are delivered at the end of the month by our TIP members. You may pick them up from the main office or from Mrs. Nissley.
  • Students, just a reminder you should not be entering the building before school unless you are dropping off your instrument, going to peer tutoring, or attending the morning ICU room.  When you leave the school you must leave through the front doors to head out to the playground. If you are going to breakfast, you must enter through the lunchroom doors off of the playground. 
  • Just a reminder that ALL water bottles that are not see through are not allowed in school.  Also, you should ONLY have water in your water bottles.
  • Students just another reminder that students are required to stay at the after school ICU room if they have 3 or more missing assignments.  You will receive a reminder slip the day prior informing you so you can make plans for someone to pick you up at 3:50 pm. Remember, if you get those assignments done before then you just need to get them signed off and show Mrs. James you are less than 3 and then you don't have to stay.
  • Students we continue to have a number of students struggling to get to class on time.  Just a reminder that your 4th tardy in a class is a detention after school and every tardy after that the consequences go up.  We are past midterm and should not be having issues getting to class on time. See Mr. Goyette if you have any questions about this.
  • We are taking submissions for the Joke of the Day that I read during the morning announcements.  If you would like your joke to be considered please email it to Mr. Goyette for consideration.  

Joke of the day: What kind of brush does a bee use?  A bee doesn’t use a brush they use a honey comb! (Kalista Sportsman)