WMS Announcements for Tuesday February 5 ,2019

  • LUNCH: Chicken Noodle Soup and Breadstick ,fruit, veggie, milk  OR Salad Bar

  • Happy Paraprofessional Week to our awesome Paras!  All week long we will be honoring our Paras! Let them know how much they are appreciated!

  • Ms. Damron is challenging WMS staff & students to help the Pre-K students learn about Random Acts of Kindness. Here is the challenge:  as a school, complete 100 acts of kindness by Feb. 14th. Write your act of kindness on a heart and place on the kindness tree located outside the Pre-school classroom.  No act of kindness is too small! The hearts are located in the office in a basket

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the inspiration for this challenge. Dr. King taught about the importance of showing love and being kind... even when it is hard and even when people aren't necessarily being kind to you. Dr. King taught that LOVE can drive out hate.

As we honor Dr. King along with many other great leaders who have taught about showing love and kindness, we encourage you to join us and SPREAD KINDNESS. Spread it in your homes, your neighborhoods, and your communities. Do small acts of kindness together with your families and community and see how these simple acts make a big difference in the lives of other people... and in you!

  • We have WMS Demon T-shirts for sale!  The cool thing about these is that you get to put the print on yourself if you’d like!  All funds from this fundraiser go directly back into the WMS fundraiser account that funds our BLITZ days and other fun things we do.  Stop by the office and pick up an order form and see what they look like! Cost of the t-shirts is $15.

  • CROSSWALKS: Students please make sure you are using the crosswalks when coming to and leaving school.  We have had a few students almost get hit when crossing the road coming/going from their parents vehicle.  Please be careful!
  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: Mrs. Lynn - room 37
  • Joke of the day:
  • Why did Dracula become a vegetarian? Because his doctor said steak was bad for his heart. (Wayne Zimdars)