WMS Announcements for Monday,  March 4, 2019

  • LUNCH: Cheesy Ravioli, garlic toast, lettuce salad, fruit and milk  or Salad Bar


  • There will be a NJHS meeting Wednesday, March 6th at 7:45 in Mrs. Zimdars'



  • Volunteers are needed to run the clocks at Makoshika games this weekend. If you are interested, there is a sign up sheet in the office.


  • We will tentatively plan on having Girls' Club today, Monday, March 4th if it's too cold to go outside for recess.  If we have outdoor recess, we won't have Girls' Club until Tuesday, March 12.

  • We have WMS Demon T-shirts for sale!  The cool thing about these is that you get to put the print on yourself if you’d like!  All funds from this fundraiser go directly back into the WMS fundraiser account that funds our BLITZ days and other fun things we do.  Stop by the office and pick up an order form and see what they look like! Cost of the t-shirts is $15.

  • Any students wishing to join the next round of book club there will be a meeting on Wednesday, March 6 during HOMEROOM in the library. We will be choosing new books and setting meeting times! Everyone is welcome!

  • This is a reminder to students and staff to remember to nominate others for the TIP Kindness Award.  Anytime you observe a student or staff member doing a kind deed for another, you may write up an award for them.  These are delivered at the end of the month by our TIP members. You may pick them up from the main office or from Mrs. Nissley.
  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: Ms. Emmert Rm 41
  • Joke of the day:
  • Why is it so hot in a football stadium after a game?….All the fans have left!