Look at these happy teachers, Mrs. Houck and Mrs. Stickel. They are twinning in their Bobcat colors!
about 11 hours ago, WMSDemons
We all need reminders sometimes. Thanks, TIP Kindness!
1 day ago, WMSDemons
What teacher has a mirror like this in their classroom AND her niece has students play her game?
2 days ago, WMSDemons
Whatcha Reading Wednesday-special addition. Where ya reading? Some of our demons like the floor! #godemons
3 days ago, Katy Kennedy
Whatcha Reading Wednesday! Our 6th-grade girls were excited to share what is making them excited to read! Whatcha reading?
3 days ago, WMSDemons
Students deep into reading...LOVE!
4 days ago, WMSDemons
HE Reading
Here is all the needed information regarding the WMS School Dance this Friday!
5 days ago, WMSDemons
School Dance
Wise words from Mrs. Granmoe for January.
6 days ago, WMSDemons
Mrs. G
Ms. Swenson is using Kahoot in class to increase student engagement and learning.
13 days ago, WMSDemons
It doesn't take a lot of time or money to show kindness. Our WMS Demons' ideas are proof of that.
14 days ago, WMSDemons
Show Kindness
Mrs. Stickel's 6th grader's enjoyed the Carnival last Thursday. They applied their learning from class about grammar and punctuation in a celebration.
16 days ago, WMSDemons
Fish game
Carnival Sign
Hello, WMS Demon Families, Check out this cool event being offered this weekend by Friends of Makoshika. https://docs.google.com/file/d/1DLYbFfvcj3ONxGbLAj6jqins9JEB2R0H/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msword Fondly, Katy Kennedy Principal Washington Middle School
16 days ago, Katy Kennedy
In case you didn't hear, Mrs. Lensegrav's homeroom won the December door decorating content. They enjoyed hot coco together.
17 days ago, WMSDemons
Hot Coco 1
Hot Coco 2
A friendly reminder from Mrs. Granmoe, our school nurse. Shine it bright, Demons!
18 days ago, WMSDemons
Dec Granmoe
WMS Demons need to give a BIG shout out to Frosty's! They donated 12 free cone coupons for our Demon Ticket drawings! Thanks, Frosty's
23 days ago, WMSDemons
Whatcha Reading Wednesday? Our WMS Demons are back at in 2023. Look at what some of our 6th-graders are reading! They were excited to share it with you all! Whatcha reading?
24 days ago, WMSDemons
6th boys
​ ​​Hello, Due to a conflict with WMS gym usage, the 7th-grade Boys' Basketball practice is changed to 5:30-7:00 TODAY. It was initially scheduled from 3:30-5, but now it is 5:30-7. Thank you. Best, Katy Kennedy Principal Washington Middle School
30 days ago, WMSDemons
Which of our teachers are a Bear's fan?
about 2 months ago, WMSDemons
Whew! If you thought our ping pong tournament in the fall was serious, you haven't seen pickle ball at WMS! The students from our Boys' and Girls' PE classes had tournaments. Next, they played the winners from the other periods in their grade levels. Finally, the winners played the teachers. I am tired just explaining it!
about 2 months ago, WMSDemons
E and C
A and E
Santa visited our preschool program at WMS. Boy, were the students and staff thrilled.
about 2 months ago, WMSDemons
santa + 1
group pic